Warning ⚠: Explicit Language and/or Images. Video taken from the 2004 movie #LayerCake. “Its all about #honor and #respect.” We should always honor and respect our divinity as well as we should always honor and respect others divinity. #WeAreONE, we should always honor and respect our #ONEness. Live the ONEness, be your #TrueSelf. _____ Special thanks to @The_Law_of_One for the following info: The self within #incarnation is a collection that you have put together for this particular life experience. You have chosen, very carefully, the attributes, #limitations and gifts that you have within this incarnation. From a rather vast array of #distortions which appear as gifts, and distortions which appear as limitations, which lie within the confines of a soul self, you might call it, that has been formed through many, many experiences, each adding its torque and twist to the swirling, spiraling energy of the self which has been formed without sight, without #vision, but of energy itself, that energy which is #love, that #energy into manifestation which then becomes #light, you have chosen that which becomes form, becomes being, becomes #body, becomes #personality, becomes #ego, becomes “you.” And that “you” then enters the blinding light of incarnational #consciousness. And yet what are you? It is well to reckon with the #infinity of your own being. At the beginning of the discussion of service to others and of optimizing it is the foundation stone of knowing who and what you are. You are not a new being, and yet you are brand new to this moment. But by saying that you are not new, we mean to indicate that those quirks and quiddities which make you just the personality that you are have a value that is not obvious to the #conscious, human eye of reason. Your value to the #Creator is precisely in those irregularities, eccentricities and inconsistencies that form you as you are, that distort and bias you as you come to the questions of your life and the pondering of those questions throughout your life. . -Q’uo -The Law Of One (Dated:2002 Apr 7). Continues in the first comment 👇 #TheLawOfOne #LawOfOne

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May 29, 2016 at 04:25PM


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